Damon Systems

Held By: Cigalah Gulf Medical

Speaker: Dr. Khaled Balto.

Host: Gulf Hotel, Bahrain

Date: Friday, May 13th, 2017


The Damon seminar recapped the current procedures for the practitioner who desire to become exposed to the Damon system and philosophy. The seminar provided the attendees with the most contemporary information concerning benefits of low force use , the difference between self-ligation and conventional approaches, elements regarding treatment planning based on esthetics and much more. Our Speakers and Doctors illustrated common approaches in managing easy and difficult cases and familiarize our practitioners and colleagues with low-force self-ligation approach.

The Session discussed at length:

  • Orthodontic forces (quantity and quality)
  • Self-legation vs. conventional
  • Passive vs. active self-ligation
  • Orthodontic wires
  • The Damon difference
  • Treatment plan based on ethetics
  • Changes of the aging face
  • Expansion vs. adaptation
  • Stability and relapse
  • Damon System basics
  • Variable torque orthodontics
  • Wire sequence
  • Clinical pearls
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