Cigalah Gulf Medical – Bahrain was established in 2011 as an independent company yet and we are an extension of a reputable group since 1998. In less than a decade we have attained new heights with our very diverse and project-full portfolio that is rich with satisfied customers, professional partners, and a team that does not rest nor tier.

A Portfolio that is a testimonial to the major governmental hospitals being pleased by our service, and our professional conduct. An Endorsement from private clinics who are just as pleased with our ethics, and predominance. A portfolio where even the public community would testify to, along with several clubs for our active participation and sponsorship

Cigalah Gulf Medical, is one of the few establishments that can secure and execute a turn key project. It is our values and principles that entails we maintain a mint reputation and ensure customer satisfaction. For every partner that we have is a long term relationship that goes above and beyond the number of sales.

Our Values


To provide quality service, that Hospitals demand for their institutions, Doctors favor for their patients, and clients trust for their families; through focusing on the most minimal of details to achieve an edge in the pharmaceutical industry.


To be a leading group in the pharmaceutical and equipment industries, providing the best service and product distribution in the health care sector, while reaching and surpassing customers’ expectations with our exclusive partners and dedicated employees.

G.M. Letter

Dr. Hany Al-Sayed

“The essence of challenges is to be fought and overcome”.

“It was a true challenge for me, to establish Cigalah Gulf Medical in the Bahrain & Qatar. Penetrating one of the strongest and well established medical sectors in the Gulf region; especially with the sum of very reputable companies in the field. However, driving it to be one of the most recognized firms in the healthcare sector, as a principled, dependable and trusted service provider is a team effort. An effort by our reliable international partners and our dedicated team of active staff.

With God’s blessing and in a very brief time; Cigalah Gulf Medical became a prominent competitor in Bahrain and an exclusive supplier for high end, top of the line products to our customers, dominating several fields such as, medicine, dental, Med. equipment, and many others. Since 2011 we have reached several milestones and we aspire to continue playing an active role in developing the Health care sector in Bahrain and GCC.

Our employees at Cigalah Gulf Medical highly believe in team spirit and that success is a collective effort. Therefore, every day we are joined by several partners who represent the elite in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

We are very keen on providing a high standard of healthcare services that meet our clients’ expectations and surpass it. Figures do not lie, and Cigalah Gulf Medical along with its local and international partners have created a momentous success story that will set an example to be pursued.